Beauty, Grace and Power

Want three words that can expand your consciousness and open a path to transform your world? Let these words, beauty, grace, and power poetically roll over years of hypnotic programming and challenge every belief you have about yourself. We’re all in this together and information is transformation. Thankfully, we’re at a time in history where it’s not enough to just know, we have to know how. We have to embody our gifts and challenge beliefs that keep us mired in old concepts and deadening beliefs.

So what’s your belief about beauty? Does the word make you uncomfortable? Happy? Piss you off? I ‘ve been a fashion professional for 30 years and can tell you that many people assume being pretty holds a key to a certain kind of shame-filled power. Those of us in the beauty world know we are often hated. We’re regularly criticized for being superficial, empty-headed and not as valuable as a “smart person”. Say what you will but it’s a “thing” you learn to live with and pretend doesn’t bother you. After all, who do you think you are wielding the power of beauty? If you choose it, you better market it as all girl-next-door innocence or be burned at the stake for being a bitch. I get it. Being beautiful does have its perks. For instance, you can get a lot of attention, and in today’s market, it’s finally possible to build a business around it to provide for you and your loved ones. However, you have to have brass balls of courage and belief in yourself—something not typically bestowed on people born female.

When I was growing up, a girl could choose whether she wanted to be pretty or smart. If you chose “pretty”, you spent much of your energy living up to that standard, which meant you had to give up appearing smart because it’s just way too much power for any one person. Sometimes, you got cast as the “mean girl” so you also had to go out of your way proving what a nice person you were so people would like you. If you chose “smart”, you built a whole world around being the smart girl and had little respect or time for being pretty (or so you were programmed to believe). Pretty people are stupid and if I’m smart, I’m giving up all claim to being pretty. But we humans live on many planes and practices of being smart or pretty, and both lift your spirit and delight your soul. I know because I witness it everyday in my business and my life.

Beliefs about beauty, grace and power operate below the level of awareness and can trigger a fight or flight response in moments when you might be ready to do some of your best work. Break free of any belief that would tell you that you're lacking in any way. The world is yours to create and it needs you fully empowered to do your most beautiful work, whatever that is. Mine is researching transformational information and writing about what I witness to be working. Transformation starts with information and here’s the truth of who you are: YOU are unlimited in your beauty, grace, and power! Use everything in your tool belt to inflict your beauty, grace, and power on life. Swing a large bat of courage and declare yourself the gift you are. We all benefit. We are all in this together.

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