#metoo Tip of the Iceberg leans into Tipping Point

Anyone still wondering if #metoo is a moment or a movement? Watch the Tony Robbins video which has gone viral https://www.yahoo.com/gma/tony-robbins-apologizes-metoo-founder-tarana-burke-still-184112946--abc-news-celebrities.html?soc_src=mail&soc_trk=ma.

He has publicly apologized for his misunderstanding of the movement saying, ""...sometimes, the teacher has to become the student and it is clear that I still have much to learn,"

I read Tony Robbins' work after it was recommended to me by my father twenty years ago. I listened to Tony's recordings for eight sequential months in the late 90's hoping to transform my relationship with money (I'm still working on that one). Expecting I might finally "Unleash the Power Within" and recover from a painful break-up to a successful man I had thought I would marry, I did Robbin's' seminar in Dallas in the summer of 2016. I did his fire walk on hot coals the first night of that four day excursion and yes, I did burn my feet a little. The hot coal walk went by so fast, if I hadn't burned my feel a little, I might have forgotten the fact I actually did it. Life has shown me that some things that happen are so far outside our belief of what is possible, we will forget we saw or did them (like the scene in "It's a Wonderful Life" when Burt and Ernie lose Clarence in the snow and agree to remember it never happened). Often things hurt to get our full attention and facilitate change but that's another blog post.

I was taught in "Women's Studies" at UT in Austin that when women want substantive change in the culture, its best to get the men to spearhead that change. Teachers want more salary? Get more men to teach. Need more money for childcare? Get more men in the job of caregiving. This made sense to me since it seems white men shaped the framework of this culture to accommodate their needs and desires. The culture we were all born into was designed by white man so they understand it, work hard for it and are the ones most often defining it for us. Those of us who have been orbiting around white men and their comfort zones know the fear of making them "uncomfortable." As Tony points out in the viral video, he knows a very powerful, vey famous man who didn't promote a woman, the most qualified for the job, because she was too pretty and it made him uncomfortable.

I'm working very hard here not to judge but to observe and tell the truth as I have experienced it. As an intelligent, healthy, successful 62 year old, white woman, I have loved and catered to white men all my life. From my father, to my boyfriends, to my bosses, to my former husband, to my former fiance and to the patriarchal white culture.

Most of my life, I haven't felt safe as a woman in my culture. I felt safer if I was married to or engaged to a successful, white

man because his presence gave me access to feeling physically and financially protected. This may have been a function of my limited belief system about myself but it is what it is.

I had hoped the election of Hillary Clinton, like her or not, would result in powerful social change for women and the world. Because that's what women do...we have a collective kind of brain thing going on. I cried for days as I accepted the new reality of a pussy grabbing president. Who knew his obtuse narcissism would facilitate the eruption of #metoo.

Maybe my "Women's Studies" professor at UT was right after all and the culture needs men to spearhead social change. After all, they do seem designed for spearheading and many appear to relish the job.

Donald Trump, who has entitled himself to all the blessings of his white man culture, has, in his cluelessness, revealed the tip of the iceberg (7/8ths of an iceberg is below the water and you can't see it) of #metoo.

Tony Robbins, in his response to the viral video, is helping unleash the power within every women to find her voice and speak her truth.

These two Masters of the Universe are helping #metoo move from the tip of the iceberg to a Tipping Point.

And, just as a footnote, I have felt safer since #metoo became a moment.

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