“Instead of spending life’s precious energy asking “Is my butt too big?” spend it asking “Is my life too small?” “~ Kathrine Brown

It scares the bejeezus out of me but that's a good thing because it's time to do a new show. There have been moments in every career I've had where a little voice in my head or heart or wherever says "It's time." It is never something I want to hear as it usually comes at a time when I'me really enjoying some phase of my business but come it does, speaking directly to my experience in the moment telling me it's time to move on.

The first time I remember it happening was when I got out of college. I had spent all my life acting on stage and had just gotten a degree in television performance from UT Austin. But somehow I knew it was time to move behind the camera and become a writer/producer. Shortly later I landed a job writing and producing corporate branding at an advertising agency in Houston.

Two years later, I felt the pull again and knew it was time for my new husband and me to move to Dallas and start our own film production company. Gibbe Productions was born shortly after.

A few years later, with Gibbe Productions, Inc. up and running, I knew it was time to leave advertising and return to my first love, acting. I listed with the Kim Dawson Agency in Dallas but made more money modeling than acting and that unexpectedly led to a career as a runway model. I traveled all over the country with Neiman Marcus and their favorite courtier, James Galanos. During this time, I was modeling for Gianni Versace and his little sister, Donatella, asked me to travel with them but I had a new son at home and declined.

Fast forward eight years....I was coming down the runway in a Stanley Korshak runway show at the Anatole in 1992, and I remember the audience exploding in applause (excuse the narcisism but that's what happened) and this voice said, "This is over Harriet. It 's been fun but it's not going to change much and there's more for you to do. " It was exciting to hear the voice so clearly but not exactly welcome. I had two young sons at the time, six and four years old, to help support and wasn't sure how I would do it without income from my modeling profession. But, shortly after that, I started writing, producing and directing fashion shows and live events for the clients I had modeled for. I was able to use my experiences as a model and an advertising writer/producer in corporate America to launch a new career as a fashion director and producer.

Fast forward another few years and I'm producing a show at the Anatole, again for Stanley Korshak, and the voice says, "You're done. It's time to move on." Again, not a welcome thought as I now had two boys sixteen and fourteen who still needed my help and support.

That time, the voice launched me into a career writing, producing and directing nonprofit events as annual fundraisers.

Now I'm familiar with "the Voice" and the fact it will call until you say "yes." It will not go away and you will make yourself sad, miserable or sick by not listening to it. I've had all these experiences.

So back to this new's called "Groundbreaking" and it's a live video podcast about groundbreaking ideas from people of vision. Whether through wellness, mindfulness, commercial developments or fashion, this is a show about all of us. We'll be able to talk and share and inspire each other to greatness. It's for every woman and man who aspires to live a more beautiful, meaningful and fulfilling life and I'd like you to be a part of it.

The voice says it's time to break ground on a new adventure.

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