A Year of Loving Yourself

Hello Beautiful Ones!

February is the month of heart filled messages so, from mine to yours, “Love Yourself”.

It's an act of courage that can change the world. I'm no STEM genius, math and science were always my hardest subjects in school, but I love studying them now and this math and science works.

Female brains are designed with 30% more connective tissue than male brains so women are uniquely wired with a capacity to feel and think at the same time. As the energetic force of a “new” power that embraces discernment and connection, we have the power to transform our world into a more compassionate, beautiful and loving place. Where to start? At home….with compassion for ourselves and an awareness of our own needs. If just one woman or man feels more inner peace from connecting with her love for herself, that’s more peace in the world.

How do you find more love and compassion for yourself? Practice, practice, practice. It’s what I had to do in algebra to get an “A” and it’s what we have to do to reprogram ourselves from the self sacrificing energy that has been trained to disconnect from herself and serve the “old” power.

Create awareness for what you love to do…hang out with girlfriends, mani/pedis, blow-outs, watch old movies with hot chocolate in flannel pjs, read a good book, play in your closet, take a warm bath, buy yourself flowers, write in your journal, plan a trip, do yoga…? Fill in the blank and then share your story.

We are all in this together and sharing is one of the ways we connect and show love for ourselves and others. It’s what we’re designed to do.

For more this month on self love practices, join me for a free FaceBook live event starring one of my precious and uber transformed clients, Mary Henderson!

From my full heart to yours~ Harriet

Want to feel and see more of your own Beauty, Grace and Power? Book an introductory self love coaching session....text me 214-356-1294 and let's get to the heart of you!


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