Four Morning Rituals for Radiant Health

Good Morning Gorgeous! Can you believe the holidays are waiting for us just around the corner? It's easy to get stressed out this time of year what with holiday schedules, meal planning, family rituals, and relationship issues to moderate but there's one thing that can keep you on the path of self love, and that's having a morning ritual that puts you first, first thing in the morning. And don't worry if you don't practice all the radiant rituals listed here. This is not a test of your commitment, it's a list of self love practices that put the focus on the most important person in your life, you. Even if you just remember to breathe deeply three times when you want to scream or cry, you're practicing love for yourself and others.

Meditation- this is something I do before I get out of bed. If I don't, I stress all day about when I'll have time to do it which kinda defeats the purpose of having a meditation, right? So I keep my iPad and headphones by my bed and put them on at the first dawn of awakening. Noise canceling headphones are a suggested device by most brain retraining experts so I started using them when I combined my mediations with retraining my brain for everything from self confidence to financial abundance. When I began meditating 15 years ago, two minutes was my best. So do what you can and trust the process. The science around meditation to improve all health functions from sleep to serenity is conclusive and grows daily. I do 30-60 minutes depending on what I'm focusing on but I don't have kids at home right now, so do what you can. Headspace is a great app to get started.

Pump oxygen and neurotransmitters to the brain- Anything you want to do to jump start the flow of oxygen to your muscles and brain will benefit your morning launch and lift your spirits. It helps counteract that "morning blue" brain of thinking of everything that is wrong in your world. Sending oxygen to your brain and heart will help short wire that tendency. Concentrating on the largest muscle groups (butt and legs) is the easiest way to get everything going so I do 100+ squats soon after getting out of bed. You could do them while you brush your teeth (about two minutes) to combine rituals for more effectiveness. Some days I throw in a few push-ups or planks as they both hit every muscle group.

POP Journaling- Put it on Paper Journaling is showing itself to be one of the healthiest human practices for brain and body and it's available at all times with no charge. I've been journaling for 30 years and have found the simplest way for me to make use of this health and wellness tool is to write down everything you are worried about upon waking. Putting everything down on paper that you're worried about, no matter how small or insignificant, takes it out of your brain's to-do list. Most worries never happen so put them where they belong, on paper. Read over them later and you'll see that your own pattern of concerns rarely, if ever, materialize. And don't throw it away. Your brain will try to worry about it again. Put it on paper and let it go.

Gratitude Journaling- Oprah, Tony Robbins, Maya Angelou and other influencers preach that you can't focus on your problems if you focus on gratitude. Here's the thing, writing down what you're grateful will always invigorate you and lift a low mood. But If you don't have time to write, list all the things you're grateful for and feel them as you list them in your head. It's the feeling of gratitude that turns the tide and lifts spirits, not the task of listing. Writing will get you there but feeling grateful is the goal of the exercise.

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