Becoming Glinda

"You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself," ~ Glinda the Good. The Wizard of Oz, it's characters, songs, themes and more modern influences, have delighted and guided me throughout my life. My first memories were of watching it on my parents' black and white TV and being captivated by Dorothy's ruby slippers. I would venture to say our culture's present obsession for women's shoes is, in no small part, due to this cinematic moment. That's one of the beauties of cultural icons, they can impact our desires and fascinations for decades to come. I remember the Wicked Witch of the West representing the personification of "bad" in my child's mind as I watched "The Wizard of Oz". It helps to have our beliefs and collective myths jostled around from time to time. It keeps us from believing everything we think. I remember the seismic shift I felt as I watched Glinda and Elphaba negotiate their friendship and futures in the Tony Award winning Broadway play, "Wicked." The girls and their friendship framed a new story of good and evil and became cultural icons for another generation. They helped pave the way for Bad Moms everywhere to keep it real so we could enjoy our own messiness. And while I'm at it, I cant resist suggesting the epic song, "Gravity," foreshadowed a collective breathing out as we come to terms with #metoo. My own #metoo has been healing for some time. I think it's over, which it is, but in the presence of other, younger women sharing their #metoos, I realize the time has come for me to embrace the transformation in my life. I don't know that I'll ever truly grow up, and in many ways, I hope I don't, but after 62 solid years of life, joy, disappointment, children, grief, loss, success and profound love, I have evolved from Dorothy to Glinda.

As a stylist and lifetsyle coach, I, Glinda the Good, use my skills as a fashion director and former super model to help create people mindfully aware of their own beauty, grace and power. I help you be you so everyone, including you, can see the rock star you are.

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