Musings for a Monday

These thoughts are running in my head and smiling at me so I thought share them with you. They are what's making me happy today....

Tiffany Haddish- This girl is fab-u-lous. Watching her interview with Jimmy Kimmel to promote last summer's movie “Girl’s Trip” made me Laugh. Out. Loud. By Myself. Her freedom to be herself and "take no prisoners” style of humor rocks my girl world. She’s someone to keep an eye on for years to come.

Most Versatile Beauty Product - Rosehip Skin Oil by Acure- I use it as a moisturizer in the morning when my skin feels less moist than I would like, an afternoon pick-up before re-applying make-up for the evening and as 24/7 eye cream. It does’t leave shine, just a dewy finish. The rosehips give it a natural orange color which blends in minutes after you use it.

My Favorite Meditation- Compassionate Body Scan guided meditation by Dr. Kristen Neff

Favorite exercises to change the body with shortest investment of time - Plank + Kettle Bell Swings- I have a commitment to accomplish a 4 1/2 minute plank by Dec. 1st and I did four minutes this week. Kettle bell swings are one of the fastest paths to increasing strength, muscle tone, balance and total body fitness. On days when I don’t have time to do a 60 minute exercise sesh, planks and ketlle bells keep everything together.

Favorite book for a fun read- School of Awake by Kadida Jones. Quincy Jones’ oldest daughter has written a book dedicated to Oprah that I wish I had writtenpenned. It's the perfect handbook for my Model Citizen students at Hockaday. Fun, colorful, whimsical and filled with musings from her soul, it will free up a girl of any age to play again.

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