Mindful Exposure: The New Black

Processing through emails and news has already started the anxiety train in my feels this morning. (Vocabulary compliments of Skimm http://www.theskimm.com/recent.) And that's after spending 40 minutes in a 6:00am meditation. "I should read this article...it may hold the one secret I need to activate my mega wealth and success...No, I must stay focused so I can get things done for work. Wait a minute...Trump tweeted what this morning? Stop, stay focused. I must get to my 30-60 minutes of exercise. I must journal. I must eat more veggies. I must respond to my clients' emails. I must post this picture. Check my bank account. Check my vitamins, weight, skincare, hair, nails. " Argh!!!!

I like to put things I observe in daily life into fashionable "bites" of information. Kind of a trend report for a beautiful life. After 30 years as a fashion model, director, stylist, producer, that's just how my mind works. So, I'm laying down, "mindful exposure to information is the new black". Okay, it's a little wordy but I hope it helps it gets an important point across. According to Tony Robbins and Blue Zones author, Dan Beuttner https://bluezones.com/services/speaking/, 90% of our health, wellness and longevity is dependent on who we have chosen to spend time with. Since I spend the majority of my time working at my laptop reading, writing and studying information to share in my business, that's who I am allowing to influence my health and wellness. And so are you.

It is my eternal commitment to make this world a more loving and beautiful place. If you choose to spend time with me, you will always be influenced by a lifelong journey of exploring beauty, grace and a powerful commitment to mindful change . This blog will be a beautiful trend report on life as I see it.

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