How To Lose Weight by Moving Your Brain

Good Morning Goddesses!

I’m committing to writing a blog every few days with revelations about my life long study of “Beauty, Grace and Power” for my gorgeous goddess girlfriends and that would be YOU.

These will be new breakthroughs in brain, health, science, skincare or inside fashion news that, hopefully, you will find useful and inspiring.

Today’s is about the subject of weight loss and aging which informs us that when you learn, and think, your body has to burn energy, and therefore calories, in order to make new synaptic connections. The technical term for all these connections, in both your brain and your body’s nervous system is a Connectome.

Now, I’ve been fascinated with weight loss systems (some would call this an eating disorder) due to my earliest programming of taking up as little space as possible in the world….or my fear of not making enough money as a model unless I was the skinniest runway body in Dallas…whatever, it’s been a lifelong study.

I am especially drawn to ideas from outside the lines of "eat less food" or "burn more calories than you eat” that also affirms research I’ve done on myself over several years. If you want to lose weight without moving, exercising or taking pills, the best thing you can do is to keep learning and stay inspired by subjects that force your brain to make new connections and take you outside your comfort zone in life.

"...purposely get comfortable with being uncomfortable."

There is only one way I have found, to stay mentally and physically fit and that is to purposely get comfortable with being uncomfortable for small periods of time. Small periods of time lead to larger periods of time and that leads to increased moments of beauty, grace and power. Whether breathing through a new yoga pose or listening with grace to a friend’s wildly differing political views, it all increases your brain’s flexibility and fitness.

My latest book suggestions to increase your brain calorie burn and make new synaptic connections are:

Soft-wired: How the New Science of Brain Plasticity can Change Your Life

by Dr. Michael Merzenich

The most significant book I’ve found on the brain, aging and how to change behaviors that will bring each of us more happiness, grace and effectiveness on this journey.

Tools of the Titans

by Timothy Ferris

My buddy of 30 years, Perry Todd, sent this tome to me for Christmas and I’ve already rebuked him. I love this book and I hate this book because it is so chock full of useful information, I cannot digest it all in weeks or months which is perfect for burning more brain calories and igniting more neural pathways openings.

Pussy: A Reclamation

by Regena Thomashauer

Personally, I think this book should be required reading for all women who want to experience their own power. If the title throws you, take heart, that alone stimulates brain calorie burn! I sent it to my mother, the Reverend Floy Kelly and though she was initially excited about receiving it, she hid it behind her sofa because the title was too upsetting for her to hold in her hands. Nonetheless, go for it and see what happens in your brain and body.

Love you all!

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