I remember the first time I felt the great mystery of purpose. I was posing with a white rose for my Dad's church newsletter when I was six years old. The early resonance of knowing that what I was doing was in perfect harmony with who I was became a gift beyond measure. Each subsequent career has had that same mysterious pull: stage actress, advertising writer/producer, national runway model for Neiman Marcus, film/ TV writer/producer, styling coach, and internationally recognized fashion show producer. The result of all these personal transformations is a profound understanding of reinvention both inside and out. It's my gift to share this knowledge with you. We all deserve to have a life that is nourishing, wildly rewarding, and unforgettably fun!

Harriet is one of the most self-aware individuals I've had the privilege of working with.

Johnathan Hayden

Owner of Creative Consultant Agency

Campbell is proud to support Harriet as a member of its family!

Kate Wagner

Owner of The Campbell Modeling Agency

Harriet is amazing!


Owner and Founder of Fluent

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