“Instead of spending life’s precious energy asking “Is my butt too big?” spend it asking “Is my life too small?” “~ Kathrine Brown It scares the bejeezus out of me but that's a good thing because it's time to do a new show. There have been moments in every career I've had where a little voice in my head or heart or wherever says "It's time." It is never something I want to hear as it usually comes at a time when I'me really enjoying some phase of my business but come it does, speaking directly to my experience in the moment telling me it's time to move on. The first time I remember it happening was when I got out of college. I had spent all my life acting on stage and had just gotten a degre

A Year of Loving Yourself

Hello Beautiful Ones! February is the month of heart filled messages so, from mine to yours, “Love Yourself”. It's an act of courage that can change the world. I'm no STEM genius, math and science were always my hardest subjects in school, but I love studying them now and this math and science works. Female brains are designed with 30% more connective tissue than male brains so women are uniquely wired with a capacity to feel and think at the same time. As the energetic force of a “new” power that embraces discernment and connection, we have the power to transform our world into a more compassionate, beautiful and loving place. Where to start? At home….with compassion for ourselves and an a

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