Top Ten Christmas Movies

#2 National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation I moved National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation up to #2 this year because we all need to laugh and Chevy Chase' sincere Clark Griswold is the Jimmy Stewart ethos of an SNL generation. What the first LampoonVacation movie did for family road trips, this Christmas comedy does for holiday togetherness. Chevy Chase's Clark Griswold has a pedal to the metal vision of an old fashioned family Christmas. Even in the unrelenting glare of judgmental in-laws, rigid neighbors, discontented teenagers, elitest office politics and Cousin Eddie coasting into town, with his family, on fumes, in a dilapidated RV with no plumbing, even in the dark light of all that and

Happiness for the Holidays

Did you hear about the 75-year long study that researchers at Harvard University conducted to unearth the keys to living a happy and meaningful life? After following the lives of several hundred people since 1938, here's what they listed as the top 5 secrets that will lead you to greater happiness, joy and fulfillment: 1) Love Is All You Need One of the most important findings of the study is that relationships are what really matter in life. You can have all of the money, success and power in the world, but without close, loving relationships, you’ll most likely never experience true happiness. 2) Regardless of How You Begin Life, You Can Become Happier No matter how bleak your childhood wa

Top Ten Christmas Movies List

#1 “It’s a Wonderful Life” (1946) I discovered this Christmas movie while living alone in an off-campus apartment my junior year at University of Texas in Austin. The local television station got the reels mixed up so I watched it out of order several times until I had pieced the story together through multiple viewings. This was, in fact, my first binge watching experience and I was not unique. The total abandon of concern for the showing of this film in its intended form across the country is one of the reasons it became the most universally beloved Christmas movie of all time. A generation of students, like me, fell in love with an old movie that was not considered "good" or “ valuable”

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