I was Dorothy in my Houston, Texas elementary school production of "The Wizard of Oz". I don't remember being nervous singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" alone on a stage in front of 100 people at 10 years old but I do remember my Mom and Dad being both proud and scared for me (or for them). The song, as well as the movie from which it came have become anchors that connect my awareness and reality to a world I like to identify as "higher power messaging.". Every time I hear the song playing loudly or softly echoing in the background, I stop and check in with what is happening around me and say to myself, "Pay attention, this is one of those moments you don't want to miss." Whether on a va

Four Morning Rituals for Radiant Health

Good Morning Gorgeous! Can you believe the holidays are waiting for us just around the corner? It's easy to get stressed out this time of year what with holiday schedules, meal planning, family rituals, and relationship issues to moderate but there's one thing that can keep you on the path of self love, and that's having a morning ritual that puts you first, first thing in the morning. And don't worry if you don't practice all the radiant rituals listed here. This is not a test of your commitment, it's a list of self love practices that put the focus on the most important person in your life, you. Even if you just remember to breathe deeply three times when you want to scream or cry, you're

Becoming Glinda

"You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself," ~ Glinda the Good. The Wizard of Oz, it's characters, songs, themes and more modern influences, have delighted and guided me throughout my life. My first memories were of watching it on my parents' black and white TV and being captivated by Dorothy's ruby slippers. I would venture to say our culture's present obsession for women's shoes is, in no small part, due to this cinematic moment. That's one of the beauties of cultural icons, they can impact our desires and fascinations for decades to come. I remember the Wicked Witch of the West representing the personification of "bad" in my child's mind as I watched "T

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