Musings for a Monday

These thoughts are running in my head and smiling at me so I thought share them with you. They are what's making me happy today.... Tiffany Haddish- This girl is fab-u-lous. Watching her interview with Jimmy Kimmel to promote last summer's movie “Girl’s Trip” made me Laugh. Out. Loud. By Myself. Her freedom to be herself and "take no prisoners” style of humor rocks my girl world. She’s someone to keep an eye on for years to come. Most Versatile Beauty Product - Rosehip Skin Oil by Acure- I use it as a moisturizer in the morning when my skin feels l

Sleep Success

I've been studying ways to improve my sleep for the last few years and am now ready to share what I've learned. After consistently tracking my sleep app data for over a year and journaling my results, I've seen dramatic improvements that might help those of you who are also struggling on occasion with sleep issues. The following behaviors dramatically improved my sleep and if you are in the 50-65 demographic, they should work for you too. (hint: you must actually do these practices. I've tried things at various times but until I made a conscious effort to practice what I was reading, my results were unreliable.) *** indicates level of importance in my personal sleep study *** No food after 7

Transform Your Thinking and You will Transform Your World

There is a new citizen leadership emerging, shaped by the raw courage that communicates who we are at our core. We are is the energy that made us and it bubbles up at every turn of public and private crisis. As I watch the unfolding stories from Las Vegas, Hurricane Harvey, Puerto Rico, Sandy Hook and so many others in recent months and years, I am reminded of that which connects us all, an enduring love that rises out of every aching moment. As model citizens, it is up to each of us to do what we can to express that love in powerful ways....register voters to express themselves, send money to projects we believe in, support people we know are committed to making a difference, vo

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